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Lethal Injury - "Melancholia"


Image of Lethal Injury - "Melancholia"

1. Haima
2. Mothman
3. Melancholia
4. Denounce
5. Suicidal Call (Intro sample: Full Metal Jacket)
6. Scream, Burn, Die
7. The Downward Spiral
8. Melancholia 'Part II' (Guest guitar: Collin Southard)
9. Veiled Woman Of The Black
Updated Bio.
Lethal Injury is a Belgian metal band that was formed in 2015 by Josha, Rambo, Dennis and Jonjo (after a few changes behind the drums), Arthur joined the band. It made them better and stronger than ever before!
With their 4 track demo they really did some serious sh*t! Played a lot of crazy shows supporting some international acts like Hirax, Nervosa, Insanity Alert, Legion of the damned and even one of The Big 4! ‘the almighty Anthrax’
Now they’ve finished their 1st album which will be released september 2018. It’s a brutal mix of Thrash and Death with a blackened vibe. I’ts fast, hard and technical.
Cheers and stay tuned

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