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Deathtura "Division" pre order : 10-12-2018


Image of Deathtura "Division" pre order : 10-12-2018

1 Purgatory of our future
2 Help me confide
3 Escape the time
4 Fury
5 Broken man's road
6 Killing your threats
7 Not a fool
8 Confess for them
9 Sick of being you
10 In sight
11 The kid

Deathtura was born in 2011 near Bruxelles when Jeff (Guitars) and Jack (Bass, backing vocals) decided to start a music project together. After a while Nico Mike Dept ( drums) joined the band. Their different music tastes created a unique style: a mix of thrash and groove metal. Live shows
and EP's followed. The band, thanks to their stage attitude and great live performances, started to get a lot of attention from the audience and from the booking agents. After a while, Deathtura changed the line up and welcomed into the band their new singer Bastian Flames and their new guitar player Jerem. With these two new members they were ready to finally evolve into something better and they were ready to present their songs to Wormholedeath. Deathtura recorded their debut album in Parma at RealSound Studio. "Division" will be released in October. A tour will follow soon after. Stay tuned!!


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